I've been blogging on my personal blog McCashew since before my daughter was born in 2007. It was all about her, though at the time we referred to her as Cashew or Cash for short. We added the Mc to her still cooking nickname because we happen to also be "McSomethings." When we learned we were having a son, he needed a nut name too and became Macadamia. I am a working mom and yes, most of the time things are a bit nutty. When I started to plot out this blog about WDW, I couldn't very well call it "Pistachios for Disney" could I? What's a way to use a nut to also say you are pretty crazy about something?

I am a bit Coconuts for Disney.

I first went to Disney World when I was four years old and my brother was just two. I spent a few months working a popcorn wagon (which I cleaned each night with vinegar and a knife) and serving Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars during my College Program in Outdoor Foods (ODF forever) at Magic Kingdom in the fall of 1998. Look it was so long ago that this is a photo of a photo from a scrapbook.

I wore ridiculous costumes (knee high socks with a bow tie and newsie hat, curtain fabric knee length kulots with black socks and a plaid flannel shirt, a skirt with so much crinoline I looked like Galinda from Wicked, you get it) and played in the parks on my days off, stopped for sushi in Japan on my way home with my boy Brandon, listened to the Double Live Garth when Shane drove me home, and ate after hours at IHOP on our way back to Vista Way more times than should be legal (pretty sure I was always the pancake catalyst). I was so overworked at the end of my "program" which conveniently ended just after the busy holiday season that I swore I wouldn't return until I had my own kids. The moment my daughter was born in 2007, my Disney itch started and it wasn't long before I was trying very hard to convince my husband that she would love Disney World. We took her when she was four and her brother was 20 months old, a trip I somehow arranged during an away Boston College football game in Orlando that ended up being a night game that we couldn't attend with small kids. Oops.

This past year I have been asked multiple times to assist others plan their Disney Magic and I always get super smiley and giddy and jump online to look up crowd calendars and help them plan as much as they will allow me to. I would hop into their luggage if they would let me. What age is too young? Which character meals? What parks should we go to if we only have two days? Where should we stay? I love all of these questions and more than that, I love watching these friends go off on their magical trip, and I spend the week they are gone trolling the internet for more photos of their wide Disney smiles.

My husband looked at me tonight with TWO requests for my Disney insight in my inbox and remarked how happy I was typing away about potential trip dates and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It's time to share all that info and enthusiasm. You need a flexible plan to travel with little ones and I LOVE a good plan.

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