Christmas in July!?!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I know. You are deep into summer; breezing through paperback beach reads, enjoying the outdoors, reveling in evening s'mores, and enjoying the ease that comes with fine weather and bbq. This is probably NOT a time of year when you want to think about the holidays, but you might want to reconsider that.

This time last summer, my sister in law and I began putting together preliminary plans for our Hop and Shop Holiday Spectacular for December 2014. It was a long weekend, packed with shopping, eating, holiday festivities and adult fun.

She was game, but I would say a bit reluctant to admit that she was going as a grown up to Walt Disney World without a single one of her nieces and nephews in tow. I promised it would be fun, she took my word, and on the other side of the trip she understood. Walt Disney World can be even more fun to experience as a grown up WITHOUT the kids. It's true!! Over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing more about our trip; the details, the food, the drinks, and the SPA. Yes, the spa.

What a fun little getaway this would be for a couple or a group of old friends! You'll come home refreshed, "hollyfied," and ready to welcome in the season with gusto.

Some highlights to get this started? Sure!

We took in the drool worthy décor everywhere we went! Each resort has their own themed tree. This one at the Grand Floridian with the lifesize gingerbread house beyond it over there to the left rear of the lobby is perhaps one of the most popular.

I lean Wilderness Lodge myself, but you could spend a great deal of time "resort hopping" to check out the beautiful details of each unique tree. Which one will be YOUR favorite??

My sister-in-law has an affinity for London. I knew we would appreciate a lingering afternoon tea on our arrival day before we hit the holiday party at the Magic Kingdom. We drank tea and had the most filling "meal" of entire trip at the Garden View Tea Room. It would a perfect pick for tea lovers, a mother and daughter, or friends.

We searched for the most untraditional and beautiful Mickey ornaments in EPCOT's World Showcase. You could decorate an entire tree with just the ornaments showcased in Germany.

Speaking of Germany, we were enamored with GERMANY, GERMANY, GERMANY! (even though we sat to enjoy this Schofferhoffer in Italy). Look two grown ups at Walt Disney World with no break in sight!

We didn't have to overschedule ourselves at fancy sit down meals to enjoy good food. We tried the Vegetarian Platter at Tangerine Café and declared it delish, Aladdin would most definitely approve!

Beach Club was ideally located for our one all day park day at EPCOT. That's right. We only spent one entire day at the parks! We did an evening at the Magic Kingdom for the holiday party (must do and a money saver tip!) and the rest of the time shopping, pampering ourselves at the spa, and relaxing. Our room was just a five minute walk from the International Gateway which made it super easy in the morning and spectacular at the end of the day when we were tired (and cold!). I cannot wait to try this resort with my kids in warmer weather so they can enjoy the fun at Stormalong Bay!

I think of our little curb here in Italy often where we escaped for moment to peacefully enjoy our cocktail off our feet taking in the sights and people around us. What is YOUR favorite tucked away spot in World Showcase?

Thinking you could use a quick holiday getaway this year? I cannot more highly recommend booking a long weekend Walt Disney World adventure of your own adult design! I'm not shy about sharing that I would like to head back myself this season! Worried about planning an itinerary to ensure you don't "mistletoe" a thing? Lucky for you, I'm sort of an expert on these things.

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