Disneyland - Mickey's Halloween Party

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Here is the play by play of our seven hours at Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party.

We had not planned to arrive in Anaheim until mid afternoon, just in time to check-in and get ourselves to the front gates of Disneyland, but we were able to squirrel away more sightseeing than planned in Beverly Hills the night before. We were walking distance to Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Wilshire, but we were oddly the only people out walking. We got more than our fill of the "culture" of Beverly Hills as we had cocktails and a light meal at the Beverly Wilshire, especially when the entertainment value was so high with the people watching. You will have to read more later, but I can tell you I was glued to my seat watching two businessmen and a Ferrari jacket wearing retiree get into a heated verbal argument at the bar. Steve had to pull me away citing time, though I suspect it was really my $18 martini that prompted our exit.

We checked in early to the Candy Cane Inn, dropped our bags, and drove right over to Downtown Disney for lunch and shopping. We were just a teensy bit excited to be there.

We (okay, I) skipped into Earl of Sandwich right at the lunch rush (Holiday Turkey, yummmm) before heading directly to the World of Disney to pick up some treats for the kids. We wanted to catch a shuttle to be at the gates when they opened for the Halloween event, so it was a quick trip and a dash back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We were there for the countdown after a failed plan to grab a cocktail at Trader Sam's.
I snagged a couple maps and we headed right down Main Street & through the castle. I was not underwhelmed by Sleeping Beauty's castle at all. The castles are unique of one another and as a social worker, I am all about diversity. We sat down for a minute to regroup because it had been very hot waiting to get in the sun. Carl needed a break. Did I mention that we were dressed very lightly as Carl & Ellie from Up? This was our big adventure after all! Steve didn't wear his glasses most of the night, so I got a lot of "Belle," but that's ok.

As we stood up to continue on our way, there was the Fairy Godmother greeting guests. We snapped this one for our little princess fan at home. 
In my planning prep, I had reviewed what would and wouldn't be open during the party, so we headed directly to Toon Town before they shut it down for the night (that's steve's finger over the lens)

Pluto, one of my favorites, was finishing up with a family, had no character attendant in sight, and had no cue, so clearly we had to make this happen. 
When in Toon Town you must relive a bit of your childhood, so we waited for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. Steve enjoyed this view of Jessica Rabbit in the cue. The movie came out when we were still young enough to enjoy a good cartoon and I immediately added it to my amazon cart for the kids from Santa. They will love it as much as we did and the ending will have them pulling the blanket over their head, just as it did to us. 

We happened to be walking by as Goofy came out for a bit and knowing he is my father in law's favorite, we waited just a moment to snap a photo with him.

We were in a holding pattern for a bit after that waiting for the park to close to day guests as the lines were still pretty long in many places. One place they weren't was Big Thunder Mountain, so we headed in that direction and met a cowboy on the way. I sent this photo to my sister in law for my nephew, Woody's biggest fan, and he happened to be using her phone when it popped up. Wish I could have seen his face.

We rode Thunder, then waited a bit (ok, a pretty long time) for Pirates because I was so excited about it, before heading back through Fantasyland (still long lines) and over to Tomorrowland. I decidedly beat my husband on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. Declaring me a cheater and requesting a rematch, I beat him a second time and then purchased him a souvenir key chain so he can always remember that I will always win, everything. Cast members started checking wristbands and we headed directly to Space Mountain before my roller coaster hating husband could change his mind. The ride was a walk on and the Ghost Galaxy overlay was fantastic. I definitely prefer this version to WDW. 
We hit several more attractions like Matterhorn and Storybook Canal Boats while heading back in the direction of Liberty Square to wait in the unavoidable line for Haunted Mansion. It was WORTH IT!

Time was ticking away (though we had been in the park for several hours) and Steve wasn't leaving until we went on Splash Mountain. Our recent trip in January to WDW had this attraction in refurbishment during our stay. As we climbed in behind two big guys, I knew our fate was sealed and we were going to get WET. Try soaked through in a rented dress! I considered buying flip flops my shoes were so wet. I was chilly for the rest of the night, but it was such fun. Steve loves this ride and mugged for the photo while I braced for impact.

With one must do remaining, we headed to Indiana Jones and found it down. Taking quick stock of the snacks we had enjoyed, we decided it was a good time to grab something and went to Bengal Barbecue. We split several skewers and a jalapeno cheese pretzel. Though the skewers were smaller portions (three pieces per skewer), they were exactly what we needed to power through. That pretzel might be my new favorite snack to stalk in the parks. Indy opened, definitely a highlight of the night, and with no wait I almost convinced Steve to ride it again. Time was definitely pressed at this point because we had a rendezvous with Big Thunder for 9:30, during the fireworks. I was so excited about this because our timing was absolutely perfect.

With our checklist checked and our Halloween spirits full, we headed toward the exit at around 10PM, still soaked through. I snapped one last photo of us on Main Street before we headed out the gates.


This was a RECORD day for Steve with his Fit Bit and since I walked alongside him stride for stride, we both achieved this astounding number of steps for the day. We walked a half marathon at Disneyland, which beat any total day at WDW. Sure, we were back and forth a lot, we didn't tour "correctly," but what FUN! I exited the gates feeling such gooey feelings for all things Disney and will certainly plan to take our littles West to experience this for themselves someday in the future when they had handle the long flight. If you ever have the opportunity to spend some time in this happy place, I promise you won't be disappointed.


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