Candy Cane Inn - Anaheim

Saturday, November 1, 2014

With so many hotel stays on this trip (7!), our accommodations budget did not allow for a night in a Disneyland Resort property. I was a little sad about this, but instead chose to see this as a great opportunity to check out a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel. Have you heard about these properties? All hotels are AAA approved and are carefully screened to ensure they meet Disney quality standards. We wanted to be as close to Mickey's backyard as we possible could be, so we chose the Candy Cane Inn.

We rolled into Anaheim ahead of schedule and well before the appointed check in time. Our room was indeed ready and they were happy to check us in. The lobby is centrally located in the horseshoe driveway. Self parking in plentiful and complimentary. Staff provided a hang tag to identify our car as a Candy Cane Inn guest. Our room was located on the first room in the far back left corner, but the property is small enough that this was walkable and quite manageable from the lobby or shuttle. Staff were courteous and efficient. I had a package delivered the hotel and they spotted it on our reservation and someone brought it down from luggage storage immediately while we were checking in.

Shuttles to the parks depart on the hour and the half hour and make return trips to the hotel on the quarter hour. The final pick up the night we were there was at 9:45pm and we knew we would be staying out later than that. We were able to gauge the walk on the very short ride over and it was quite walkable, even in wet Splash Mountain destroyed cotton flats.

Our room was handicapped accessible, which provided a great deal of space, but prevents me from reviewing a "standard room." If time had allowed on this trip (and it unfortunately didn't), I could have asked to see a standard room. Our room had a cozy chair, table, armoire and king bed. It was tidy and fresh.

The hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast in the modest pool area behind the lobby. The pool was well utilized by guests, but never appeared overcrowded. The breakfast was standard continental fare; juices, coffee, bagels, muffins, cereals, and pastry. It is a nice touch to offer something like that and not every hotel in the area does.

We had a very pleasant, quiet, comfortable stay at the Candy Cane Inn and would recommend it for the budget conscious Disneyland visitor.

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