Le's talk about our night in Disneyland!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

That trip to California that seemed SO far away just a bit ago has totally crept up on us and while I won't say we are in panic mode, we have a LOT to do in short time. Last week I did what any (ir)rational planner would do and sent away for these. Last WEEK.

Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of our itinerary built, mostly because we needed to plan a place to oh I don't know, SLEEP! This girl does not travel cross country to have the anniversary adventure that dreams are made of and pitch a tent. It's just not me. I would be cranky mess from being up all night worrying about the animals waiting just outside to gobble me up.

We have secured a hotel in every planned stopping point with the exceptions of LA and Vegas. We keep getting stuck on these and can't pull the trigger. So if you have any reasonable recommendations for the Beverly Hills area of LA please comment back because we have spent WAY too much time comparing hotels and pricing in LA. I think we finally decided last night we are going to go big before we go home for our night in Vegas. It's the capstone of the trip, the big finale, and when I ask will we ever be back in Vegas just us two? Perhaps never!

I already shared that I tucked in a night at Disneyland and to make it final, I purchased the Mickey's Halloween Party tickets. This is one of the many things I have learned in a decade of marriage; We discuss, we plan, we agree, he procrastinates, I push purchase. NO LOOKING BACK.

This brings us to the Halloween Party itself. We opted to stay at a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel in Anaheim that night. This was our compromise because as fantastic and magical as it might have been to stay the night at the Disneyland Hotel, it would have busted our accommodations budget. Plus, getting Steve to agree to Disneyland was only Step A and if I pushed too hard Step B would be have gotten only laughs and a stubborn solid "NO."
Step B. It's Halloween! Costumes of some kind are an absolute must. If you know Steve, asking him to dress up in anyway is about the equivalent of asking him why he isn't on Facebook. I didn't want to give him a chance to dig his heels in and refuse. This whole "Adventure is Out There" vacation is so very Up isn't it? We must pay homage to our character inspiration and somehow go as Carl and Ellie!
I won't let him think on it too much, I will take that lesson learned from up there about the tickets and just click purchase on the amazon cart for these items and if I have to pack them into my own bag (SO HELP ME, GOD) to get them physically to the state of California, I will. He is SO Carl. He can be frustratingly stubborn, but has a heart of solid gold. I know when he gets there and sees how excited I am to be at Disneyland, he won't hesitate to put on these glasses for me. 
That adorable dress! Don't even think I am buying an Ellie dress because I don't buy dresses. I am planning to use my go to resource for all dress needs, Rent the Runway, to have an Ellie inspired look delivered to our hotel. EASY! How you TRIED this service yet? It's amazing and I rave about it all the time. (this is a completely unsponsored rave, by the way, that's how much I love it!) I won't have to pack my dress, it will come pressed and ready to wear, and I will have two sizes to select the one I am most comfortable in. The following morning, as we grab coffee and plan our exit towards Vegas, I will stuff it back into a UPS mailer and send it back in a rumpled mess. That always gives me such satisfaction! I love this service so much that I am also planning to rent a Vegas dress. In fact, that is my very next post, which I know isn't exactly Disney, but travel related nonetheless. Please plan to come back and vote on my Vegas look for our final night of our great California Anniversary adventure!

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