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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Few things delight me more than "following" friends on their magical Disney vacations. I look forward to seeing their photos on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. I love reading their text updates (and answering their questions!!). It's almost like being there, isn't it? I get sad when they check out and head home. I share in their post Disney depression.

Tell me, is there a better Facebook update than this one?  

I watched Ann hop through the parks on instagram (attention kerry, this photo booth is calling our name)

Beth's family got to hold the timer card for Barnstormer. This always makes the wait just a little more manageable. It's one of those little Disney details that makes me smile.

I love the texts. I'm not shy. I won't give you space and silence because you are off on a magical Disney vacation. NOPE. I'll ask how crowded it is, if you had a cocktail while watching Wishes from the Poly, how hot it is, if the kids liked Animal Kingdom, and anything else I can to be closer to the magic with you.

I offer enthusiastic and genuine accolades for a perfectly executed Main Street Electric Parade viewing spot.

I react to photos and video. Ann's daughter was dressed perfectly as Belle and during her time with Jasmine and Aladdin, she completely turned her back to him because duh, JASMINE. We even shared a sad moment that even as I read it again now, gives me that lump in my throat. You are never really ready to go home from Walt Disney World are you?

As if all those social media updates weren't enough (and honestly, they weren't because I would have hopped into their carry-on), I recently discovered a sweet bonus to My Disney Experience (MDE).

have you downloaded the MDE app yet?

The "Friends & Family" options through MDE allow you to "invite a friend to plan and share." Once your friend accepts your invitation to share and checks off the boxes to allow you to "view my plans," you have the golden ticket to literally follow along moment by moment.

Here is an example from my own MDE account. (I did my best to block out last names to protect the innocent) In this example, my children are managed by myself and therefore thankfully cannot plan or share. Below them is my sister-in-law kerry, who will be my partner in crime for our upcoming Hop & Shop Holiday Spectacular. I have been doing all the planning thus far and haven't yet sent her an invite to plan and share. When I do, she can accept and view all our plans through her own MDE account and the MDE app. At the bottom, is my husband Steve. You can see that he has his own MDE account (noted below his name) and he can view the plans I have made AND can view and purchase PhotoPass Photos.

When you open MDE and click "my itinerary," it will open to the first day of YOUR plans. If you don't have any future plans (and why don't you???), it is completely tragically and un-magically empty. If, however, I am linked to friends like Ann & Beth who both just happen to be traveling this week with their families, I open MDE and see their plans. Two friends, two well-executed plans, two completely wonderfully different vacations!
These are Ann's Thursday plans on top and Beth's below. One chose to finish the trip at Magic Kingdom and the other is celebrating her daughter's birthday with a Princess dinner at Akershus tonight. I can see their FP+ reservations, the notes they wrote into their own itinerary, and I can get a sense of what kind of day they are going to have. I cannot tell you how much fun it has been this week to open the MDE app in the morning and see where they are each headed.
Consider linking up to your friends, sharing your plans with them, and adding yet another dimension to the game we play at home while friends and family play down there. My most jealous moment this week was O'Hana (TWICE). Our holiday trip is the middle of December, let's link up! I would love to share my moment to moment with you and follow along on your next trip! Don't have a MDE account yet? Why not??

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