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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steve and I honeymooned in Aruba. We chose it mainly because it was a direct flight from Boston and we thought it would be a destination we could return to many times in our life together to escape New England for a hot beach. We have returned to Aruba exactly zero times since our honeymoon. We kept saying “for our tenth” and as we began tossing around thoughts for our tenth anniversary this fall, it seemed fairly obvious that we would FINALLY be going back to Aruba. We kept talking about it and I just couldn’t commit. I just wasn’t feeling excited about it and though it took me some time, I realized a few months ago that though a tropical vacation would be restful, we would likely run out of things to say to each other by Tuesday.

I thought back to our younger days of marriage, when we were footloose and kid-free. We had always envisioned a trip to the West Coast, a baseball tour from Seattle to San Diego along the Pacific Coast Highway. I approached Steve with the idea for a CA coastal tour and at first he was NOT interested because there was no baseball in October. "It doesn't have to be about baseball," I told him before filling his head with possibilities and adventure. Our tenth anniversary will be celebrated with a drive from San Francisco to LA and Vegas and this trip is going to be so epic.
The difference is not in the locale (though the locale will be amazing), but in the opportunity for shared adventure and exploration. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a decade of marriage than brand new experiences together. I might have vaguely recalled the plot of the book I read on that gorgeous beach in Aruba, but in fifty years I will instead have fond memories of Hearst Castle, picturesque Route 1 vistas, Central Coast wineries, and hopefully Conan O’Brien tickets. San Francisco, Carmel & Monterey, Big Sur, San Luis Obisbo, Santa Barbara, LA, Disneyland, Vegas.


I had heard a bit about Adventures by Disney, but not enough to realize that these amazing inclusive itineraries to destinations all over the world offer exactly what we are looking for in our tenth anniversary celebration; an immersive adventure and an opportunity to create lifelong memories together. We ruled out spending an extended time in San Francisco because we have both been there before and wanted a new adventure, but this long weekend could have been a perfect jumping off point for our entire trip. Tours of parts of the city we haven’t seen, Napa without worrying about a sober driver, Muir Woods, Angel Island, even a visit to Lucasfilm are included in this fantastic trip which includes accommodations and most meals! I drooled over the impeccably planned itinerary, mostly because I have been spending a crazy amount of time googling "things to see on a CA coastal drive." Who knew we were Carl & Ellie?

The reason I choose Disney vacations for my family is for the opportunity to make lifelong memories together and I now know that there exist many opportunities for both my husband and I or my family to travel here in the US and beyond with that Disney difference that keeps me going back to Disney time and again. I can picture our little foursome enjoying some truly spectacular travel in the future with Adventures by Disney and I think if you take a look, you will too!

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