Day 4 - January 26, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This is the trip report that will never end. My subconscious goal must be to drag these out until the next trip to avoid the deep, post-Disney depression. Last I left you, we had taken in a full day at Animal Kingdom.

We planned a split day for Day 4 beginning at Hollywood Studios and ending with Illuminations at Epcot. To refresh your memory, we were using Kiosks to make day of reservations for FP+. Our strategy here was to save our FP+ selections for Epcot in hopes we could snag one for either Soarin' or Test Track for the second half of our day. We were stand-by only at Hollywood Studios. Reflecting on just how badly Expedition Everest had gone for Caroline, I had a feeling Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster were both going to be way too intense for her. The Great Movie Ride with the inclusion of the witch from Wizard of Oz and some scenes from Aliens ruled itself out as well. Our plan was characters, characters, characters all morning.

We started the day with what I noted as "the never ending bus ride." If I recall correctly, the ride seemed slow, we seemed to keep circling the lot, something was off and it definitely slowed us down. We headed straight for Toy Story Mania and the line was starting to get long. The kids were already spoiled with their Magic Bands and starting the day off with a longer than 45 minute wait, well, you would think we were punishing them the way they dragged themselves through that cue. The wait was unavoidable, we weren't going to use our FP+ options at this park and skipping the ride was not an option for Connor.
After Toy Story Mania, we went on a character streak that lasted almost until lunch with just one brief pause to see the Disney Junior Live show.

Remember the boy who was afraid of characters?? We split into pairs to meet Jake and Sofia. Steve had the autograph book, but came up with a brilliant solution to ask Jake to sign Connor's bandana that we just happened to bring along for the day. Kid was on CLOUD NINE, YO HO, Let's GO!!



Then deeper into the Animation Courtyard,


We snagged an outdoor spot at Backlot Express for lunch so the kids could watch Jedi Training while we ate. I opted for Buffalo Chicken Nuggets for lunch and there were more Power Packs for the kids. Steve again chose a burger and fries and again I asked him why? Connor liked watching Jedi Training so much, he asked to stay to watch the next show (12:40). Did he think he ever might want to learn how to fight Darth Vadar? "No."

The day was slipping by and we had dinner plans at Epcot for the Princess, not to mention FP+ experiences to schedule when we arrived.

We hit Muppets

 Phineas & Ferb

and got an up close view of Lightning and Mater

before bidding adieu to Hollywood Studios and hopping on a leisurely journey aboard a Friendship Boat to Epcot. I hoped the kids would rest and while there was no sleeping, there was quiet peace on our ride.

We disembarked, gathered our belongings, and headed toward the International Gateway. We didn't get too far before I realized that we had misplaced something very important, our entrance tickets!! Our park tickets were NOT connected to our Magic Bands. This was a moment of panic we all could have done without, but was entirely my fault.

What happened next? You simply won't believe how this unfolded.

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