Thanking Cast Members - How? Why?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cast members can make your trip truly magical.

Back in my popcorn popping days, I truly enjoyed helping guests. They would chat away while I loaded up their popcorn, planning their next move, and I casually eavesdropped to interject my unsolicited suggestions. I sadly spent time with a few lost children while their parents made their way back to my cart and when they got there, the lost kid usually didn't want to leave because I had put them to work digging for ice cream bars or stacking popcorn boxes. I posed for many photos with Mickey Bars or took many photos of people with theirs. I still point with two fingers. I still embarrassingly ask people posing for photos everywhere if I can assist them. It is incredibly embarrassing to my husband that anytime we are out and someone has a map or looks like they need help, I practically leap to their side to offer assistance. I received notes in the mail long after I returned back to Boston about guest service cards turned in and they always made my day.

Cast members who work hard to make your trip special, don't take home a ton of dough for their great efforts. A little kudos can go a long way. I think we all are capable of a sincere thank you, but a genuine effort to follow through on that thanks requires a little more. You must remember their name, where they were working, and what day/time. The best and easiest way to get word back to their supervisors about their outstanding service is to complete a "Guest Service Fanatic" card at Guest Relations in whichever park or resort you had the positive experience in. It might take some time to filter its way down to their department, but it will get there and trust me, they will be touched you took the time. So will their supervisor. Be sure to include your information too, they might just reach out to you to let them know they got your message and thank you for taking the time to send your feedback.

We had such a great experience with Mary, our server at Be Our Guest, but we had to hightail it out of there to get back to Wilderness Lodge for the fireworks. We didn't have time to stop at Guest Relations on our way out, but I wish we had. I didn't think to do it on Monday when we were back at Magic Kingdom because we were so focused on our last day. I should have.

What happens when you get home and still want to express your gratitude? Googling revealed an email and mailing address to send your thanks courtesy of Chip and Co. (Thanks!)



WDW Guest Communications
PO Box 10,040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

I sent along my great thanks to Mary and expressed our gratitude in her understanding and making things happen for us so we could enjoy a special dinner AND an outstanding Wishes view. Perhaps there is someone you should consider thanking today? You are likely to experience some of that exceptional Disney service on your next trip. You might consider dropping a line to the mouse to tell him about it. A little thanks can go a long way.

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