Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe - Review

Saturday, March 22, 2014

For lunch on Day 2 of our trip we (sort of) selected Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (spreading the love with All Ears information and menu for this post). Nestled in the heart of Frontierland and conveniently located across from the bridge to both Splash and Thunder Mountains, Pecos Bill's is easy to find and is likely to have an option for your group.

The choices are pretty typical quick serve fare. You can expect cheeseburgers, taco or chicken salads, pulled pork sandwiches for adults (ribs at dinner). Kid options like a hamburger, turkey sandwich, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are all crowd pleasers, though apparently not for my kids this day. They do offer strawberry yogurt, which is honestly more my kids speed. Mine don't buy into the concept of lunch and we struggle even at home with this meal. We have more success with a 6 cup muffin tray filled with various choices than a traditional lunch. The best lunches we purchased for the kids during our trip were the "Power Pack Lunches" offered at various locations. The kids could eat a portion at lunch and instead of fighting about them not eating enough, we just stowed the leftovers under the stroller for the inevitable hungry moments later in the day.

Delightfully Disney did a whole post about these amazing little boxes.

What sets Pecos Bill's apart from other quick serve options at Magic Kingdom is the toppings bar. People often claim, "You can make practically make a side salad!," but I am not sure I necessarily agree with that. The toppings ARE abundant and include lettuce, tomato, saut√©ed mushrooms and onions, hot peppers, salsa, shredded cheese and a melted cheese sauce. You can ready load up a burger or a side of fries, but I don't think this toppings bar lives up to that kind of hype. I had done enough research that I knew if we ended up here, I wanted to really USE the toppings. I knew I wanted a salad of some kind and yelled over my shoulder as the boy and I went on our hot dog mission that I wanted a taco salad. Had I compared the beef and chicken taco salads, I might have gone with the chicken, but time be not my friend in this case. Beef it was. It arrived as a tortilla shell with a small scoop of seasoned beef in the bottom with a side of sour cream. I departed my family to personalize that bowl and fill it to near bursting with toppings. Steve chose the 1/3lb Deluxe Angus Cheeseburger, which comes topped with Bacon, Onion Rings, BBQ sauce and a choice of Corn on the Cob, Apple Slices, or French Fries. We have already talked about Disney World Cheeseburgers, but he liked the onions and sauce on this one more than the one he had at Roaring Fork. I found my salad to be quite filling once I personalized it and the meat was well-seasoned, but again a very small serving.  I liked being able to load it up with the things of my own choosing, but this would not rank as my favorite lunch. It did the job, but for us it was nothing special.

We ended up eating lunch during a very busy time and the dining areas were packed. Seats here don't have backs, which I am sure is to discourage you from spending too much time at your table. It should be said that it was easy to scoot in an extra stool if you need it, but again, comfort. My cousin told us there is usually more room up a ramp to the left, but we already had the kids settled at a table I had swooped in on in the main area. I was back with the hot dogs before Steve had even paid for our meals, so it was slow going in the order cue. Connor had practically housed his hot dog before the rest of our crew arrived.

On a positive note, the restaurant also has dedicated bathrooms, which made it easy to take turns bringing the kids for a quick stop before we moved on. There is a payphone which the kids both asked, "what is that?" and offered perplexed looks over, was which was really funny.

Overall, we felt this satisfied a need, but we both agreed that there are too many other better options available to eat here again.

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