Packing your Day Bag - How? What?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Perhaps you are one of my many acquaintances preparing for a trip to the World. Maybe you are getting all those last minute details organized, booking your FP+, tweaking your ADRs. You just might find yourself wondering what exactly you will need to bring into the park with you. For one thing, you need a day pack of some kind. I cannot more highly recommend this one which we have used both at Disney and everywhere else we go. It is versatile, lightweight, made for woman's body, and it has the bonus Camelbak bladder. That post and this one are in no way sponsored, I just LOVE the bag. It has apparently recently been redesigned. You can as of this posting still find some deeply discounted previous versions.  Though I would love to upgrade to a newer version, my bag has  maintained its excellent condition and I can't justify it.

You can find many lists online with suggestions of what to bring into the parks with you. I made the mistake of googling that once and I was completely overwhelmed because once you put an idea in my head that I might need something, like a random rubber band for instance, yeah, I NEED the rubber band. See, now you need one too.

This is your Day Pack. You are not actually climbing Everest. You are not camping somewhere overnight. These are your absolute essentials. Throw away the rubber band, unless you decide you REALLY need it.

Here is what we brought in our awesome day pack:

  • Your Magic Band or Park Ticket
  • Cash, Credit or Debit Card
  • Camera or Phone We used the phone WAY more than our Point & Shoot
  • External Charger for your phones That link is the one we have which is a bit heavy, but very efficient at restoring battery power. You will be using the My Disney Experience app A LOT. If you do not have one of these or don't want to purchase one, bring along your usb cord for charging because they seem to be putting more and more charging stations in and around the parks. Our favorite was near the Tangled Tower, the stump seats over there had power outlets and USB available.
  • Easy Snacks I would recommend the non-chewy granola bars like NV or goldfish.
  • Water We filled our Camelbak each morning and then as needed throughout the day
  • Water Bottle Clip You will inevitably end up with another water bottle at some point and this was handy to snap it right onto the bag
  • Ponchos You just never know
  • Ziplocs I am a huge Ziploc fan, good for wet attractions to keep your wallet or phone dry  or keeping things organized. Keeping a few on hand for splitting a snack like a bag of popcorn between the kids is handy.
  • Sunblock We are big sunblock supporters, the sun is very strong in Florida and we have Irish skin. Those glue stick style sunblocks for the kids are also a must have to prevent squirmy whining with reapplication.
  • Autograph Book and Wide Barreled Sharpie I always tucked this into the "back wall" of the bag for easy access because you never know when you will find a line for a meet and greet
  • Batteries We were using a Flip Video Camera and I had backup AAs for that which we ended up needing in the middle of the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise, be prepared!
  • First Aid Kit I always carry a very small kit that I purchased at Target; a couple Band Aids, a teeny tube of Aquafor, and a cleansing wipe. I tuck this in the very front and hope I won't need to use it.
  • HAND SANITIZER  I often hear about stomach bugs at Disney. That is possible when thousands of people touch the Space Mountain hand rail or rub their hands up and down that scary germy Honey Wall at Pooh. A simple travel sized version is available that can clip right onto your bag. The size in the link is 1oz and airline friendly. Don't just carry it, USE IT.
  • Mousekaplan This is what I named our spreadsheet itinerary. It had all our ADR information and our general plans for the day. It was my back up to the My Disney Experience app, just in case. I'll be posting our most recent plan soon. 
 What is on your must have list for your day bag? 

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