Day 2 Part III - January 24th, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who knew a report on just one day could be at Part III before we even get to dinner?

If you are still with me, we had just parted ways with the boys and were on our way to meet Rapunzel. We didn't get to meet her last time and she was top of Caroline's list with Merida. We planned to rope drop Merida on Monday, today was for Rapunzel.

There was something special about being alone in the park with her, gleeful and full of anticipation. I held her hand and we skipped along together. She seems so big now, but still her hand fits into mine just so. We hopped right into line at 4pm at Princess Fairytale Hall. The line took a bit longer than I had been anticipating, but not longer than 20 minutes. I retouched her hair a bit because her braid had become unraveled and her father had announced to me that "she looks unloved." We couldn't meet royalty with a messy braid. Rapunzel was meeting with her friend Snow White. Caroline was surprisingly shy. She didn't know how to answer how old she was the entire trip because she was still six while we were there, her birthday was the following week. Very confusing, but fun!






We complimented Snow White on her new dress and stopped to look at Snow White's storybook on the way out. It serves as a tribute to Snow White's Scary Adventure which used to stand in the same spot, but for us it is a reminder of Caroline's scariest experience of the trip in 2012.

We briefly considered hopping in line to meet Cinderella and Aurora, but made our way instead to Castle Couture to touch ALL the dresses. We met the boys halfway near the Tea Cups and decided to go for a spin. Steve and I aren't big fans of spinny things, but we did it for the kids. We walked right on.

Listen for Connor asking what the thing in the middle is and his sister answering, "it is just a table." We could have gotten away without the spinning,

but what fun would that have been?

We were sticking closeby to Fantasyland now because we were waiting to check in for our ADR at Be Our Guest at 6:10. I was going to try to check in early because we had very special plans that night back at the Wilderness Lodge. We watched Mickey's PhilharMagic (which the kids and especially Connor loved) and then walked over to the check in area.

I tried to work my magic to get a teeny tiny bit of a jump on our ADR to get us back to the lodge on time. I turned on the charm and pulled all the stops and honestly, the CM working the entrance didn't even react. I asked her exactly what time I could check in and was told fifteen minutes before. "I will be back at exactly 5:55." I knew that Gaston had a meet and greet down the way a bit further and as we approached, he was just finishing up his set for the day. Bummer!

We checked out Gaston's Tavern while we were there. Caroline sat in Gaston's big chair and Daddy spied a Pork Shank on the menu. He would come back for that on Monday.


She posed in front of the fountain too. You know who wanted no part in any of these photos.


So we headed back past the check in area at Be Our Guest and rode the Carousel, (she is a TEENAGER here)

took some photos,

and rode the carousel again because WHY NOT?

Then at precisely 5:55, I checked in at Be Our Guest and followed their directions to wait at the end of the bridge to get called in. We needed to be back to the hotel by 7:30. It was going to be VERY tight. (thanks to Touring Plans again for their information about this restaurant!) We waited a bit, which probably seemed longer because we were feeling the time crunch. Finally, they called our name and Caroline led us into dinner. Check out the cute candelabra!

We sat in the Ballroom.

I'll save a review of our meal for another post, but just know that we really enjoyed it. We weren't equipped with proper photo equipment to capture the real details of the castle. We let our server Mary know we were in a real pinch and she nodded enthusiastically that she understood and she helped us through our meal quickly. It was magical, but we were cutting it close. We didn't want to miss the ONLY chance we had to meet Beast. You are welcome to check out the entire space after your meal, but once you meet Beast, "he serves as your exit from the castle." I am sure you won't be surprised to see who is riding on my head. Again.

Then it was an all out sprint to the exit. We made it from Be Our Guest to the Magic Kingdom exit which was surging with people staking claims for Wishes spots in the Hub. We fought our way down to the boat launches and boarded a boat back to Wilderness Lodge. We made it from Be Our Guest to Wilderness Lodge in 25 minutes! I still don't know how that is possible. We raced inside, completely out of breath, met up with my cousin and his equally wonderful girlfriend. Ken from Wilderness Lodge proceeded to walked our group up, up, up to the ROOF of the Wilderness Lodge with an unmatched view. We could see the entire property from up there. It was an amazing vantage point, but when you added in this fireworks show, I was speechless.

Caroline wandered a bit, which was dangerous of course, as children will do when they want to explore a new place with pointy dangerous things in darkness. Steve managed to get her back and focused. Connor announced a few minutes into Wishes that "these fireworks are making me have to go potty," and I spent the rest of the show trying to balance watching Wishes, enjoying this special moment, and checking in with him that he was still ok. There was nothing I could do, the fireworks had started, we were on the roof, and we had forgotten a cardinal rule of parenting. Always, ALWAYS do a potty check before anything important. I was convinced the right side of my body where I was holding him on my hip was going to be soaking wet by the end, but he managed to hang on. Good form, Connor. It was the most spectacular ending to the most magical day. I sent several texts to Disney friends that night telling them that we can never come back to Disney World because we can never ever recreate this magic. It is simply untouchable and I think it always will be. We set our wake up call for the following morning. We were headed to Animal Kingdom and a little boy was hoping to see a cheetah.

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