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Monday, March 24, 2014

Be Our Guest is one of the most difficult "gets" in all of WDW right now. Though I obviously cannot say for sure, I would guess that this might be as challenging as Cinderella's Royal Table for Breakfast with the Princesses. It probably also rivals O'Hana's very popular dinner feast. There is just ONE table service meal at Be Our Guest served each day, making it all the more impossible to snag an ADR. 

This was a meal that I lost sleep over. I would literally wake up in the morning, retrieve my phone, and try each of our Magic Kingdom days for dinner for weeks and even months leading up to our trip. I was determined and eventually the stars aligned and I had snagged one about a week and a half before. If you haven't had luck, don't despair, with the new credit card hold dining policy, there are sure to be last minute cancellations/openings for you to slide into if you can be persistent and also a bit neurotic.

As I stated above, there is just ONE table service meal served each day, but you can also enjoy a different menu and experience at lunch when this location has a modified quick serve set up. Easy WDW has a very detailed review of his experience, nice photos of meal options, and the how to on his site. I have also seen links and heard mumblings about a Quick Serve Fast Pass for this meal, but can't provide more information about that at this time.

Why so popular?

The Décor

The restaurant is incredibly well-themed and detailed. With three unique dining experiences and an invitation to explore the other dining rooms after your meal, even non-Princess lovers would enjoy poking around in this place. I think my kids might have been a little nervous in the West Wing at least initially due to the darkness and spook factor, but I'm sure they would have ended up enjoying the effects and the enchanted rose under the bell jar dropping petals. The Rose Gallery is a bright room with a large music box topped with the Beast and Belle dancing from the iconic scene in the movie. This room is not technically a "scene" from the movie like the other two options, but is full of details and portraits of other characters like Chip. We dined in the Ballroom which was large, a bit noisy, but so gorgeous. We were seated towards the rear of the room, close to the floor to ceiling windows where it was "snowing" outside. Connor was quick to point out that it was "just pretend," and we were all grateful for that since it was really snowing at home.

My phone and our point and shoot did not do so well with photos in this space. Here is the rose napkin we were greeted with when we arrived to our table.

Check these links for some much better photos of these truly beautiful spaces.

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The Menu

By far the fanciest of the table service options at Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is also the most expensive option for dining without the presence of characters. When I reviewed the menu, I was a bit concerned about the kids and even my husband finding something they would like.

This may be the trip where we discovered our son's love for steak. I would not be one to order steak for a four year-old, but he is a total carnivore and we have found we have more success ordering this for him than anything else. Who knew?

Connor had the Children's Grilled Steak, with seasonal vegetables and fruit. It came with a choice of milk or water for $10.99.

Steve ordered the Grilled Strip Steak, served with garlic-herb butter (that he was unsure what to do with at first, we are fancy aren't we?) and he substituted veggies for the pommes frites for $32.99. Here is the best photo I could get, admittedly not a good shot, but you get the idea.

Caroline was deeply entrenched in vegetarianism this day, which of course varies day by day. Her love for bacon rivals her disdain for chicken. I can't make sense of it either, but we roll with it. She chose the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup served with seasonal vegetables for $8.99. Her meal came with a drink and dessert included. It was presented really nicely and she was pretty excited about it.

I went off the beaten path a bit and went with the Layered Ratatouille. After such a long day, I felt something lighter was in order. It was layers of eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and caramelized onions over quinoa with a yummy bell pepper sauce. At 17.49, it was the bargain of the meal and I loved every single bite. It was surprisingly filling and I felt full without feeling like I needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. Remember, we had quite a run ahead of us at this point.

Our meal, including alcohol, tax, and tip, was $108.35. It was not even close to being our most expensive dinner, but it was one our favorites. My husband wouldn't put this on the top of his list, but I loved the atmosphere and it felt very special.

The Alcohol

See those tall glasses up in those terrible photos? After a long day running here there and everywhere, you have never seen a happier parental pair than Steve & I enjoying an ice cold beer at the Magic Kingdom. It felt a bit naughty. The availability of alcohol here makes it all the more enticing. I love beer, I prefer it to wine, cocktails (even my extra extra dirty grey goose martini). I couldn't recall who ordered what until I did some googling.

Steve chose the more well-known Hoegaarden for $6.25 and I shouted, "I'm on vacation," and ordered a Belgian style Saison Dupont for $8.25. It was an excellent choice.

The Beast

The Beast is your host for your meal, he walks through the restaurant several times during dinner and is available for photos AFTER your meal is complete. He is very tall and quite imposing, but it is certainly a treat to get to meet him before exiting the castle. They will remind you SEVERAL times that his meet serves as your exit from the castle, so be sure you have seen all you want to see before cueing up for him. Connor again sought refuge on my head, but was open to a high five and Caroline didn't bat an eye and sidled right up to him for a photo. He will not sign autographs, how could he with those paws?!


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2 Responses to “Be Our Guest - Review”

  1. I LOVE your very detailed trip reports! We just got back from the World, and we did the Be Our Guest lunch using the FASTPASS link. It does not show up on MDE, nor does it count in any way as one of your allotted FP+, nor is it linked to your band. You can use the link around 60 days out, and although I printed the confirmation page, and took screen shots, it was not necessary. We showed up at the little gate house before the bridge, and they had our name on the list! You can only make 1 during your stay, and even though it seems like the site is letting you make multiple reservations, it isn't. If you go back in to "view" your reservation, it will only show one. Here is the link: :-) ºOº
    PS Your font is a bit on the small side.

  2. Sharon, thanks for this great info. I have some friends traveling down shortly who have these BOG FP+ reservations, but will love the reassurances in your experience using it. How was the lunch?? I updated the font size, thanks for the feedback. I still have lots to post about, but at the rate I am going it will probably take me until my next trip to finish reviewing this one (fine by me!)