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Monday, February 24, 2014

I already said my peace about strollers for big kids. We briefly considered whether or not we would rent a stroller for our almost seven year old, but decided fairly quickly that it would simplify our trip to have one available for her. We would need one regardless for her younger brother and it when he has something she doesn't... I also imagined it would help navigate us more quickly, provide a place for her to sit, and make for a safer (though not swifter) exit with the crowds at the end of the day. We had such success on our first trip with Orlando Stroller Rentals and enthusiastically booked again.

I briefly debated between the City Mini Double and City Mini GT Double. The City Mini Double is recommended until five years old or 47". Caroline was just over 48", but well within the weight limits for both. For the additional ten dollars, it was well worth it to not have her bellyaching on day three that she was squished. Our total for the 5-7 day rental with tax was $90.95 and included a rain cover at no cost. Additionally, all rentals include a small soft sided cooler (ice packs not included) that proved helpful for bringing in drinks or other "keep cold" items. I simply chose pick up and return times that made sense with our schedule and didn't give it another thought. I didn't worry, I didn't wonder, I knew it would be a great experience.

When we arrived at the Wilderness Lodge, we were escorted directly to our room. It was not until after we had lunch that we swung by Bell Services to inquire about our stroller and groceries. They rang back to the storage area and within a few moments our stroller was wheeled around the corner and a bellman was pulling a cart with our groceries. SIMPLE. The stroller was precisely what we ordered, in excellent condition, and free of any visible melted ice cream or cookie crumbs unlike my own stroller at home.

Here the kids are at the boat launch for our last ride to the Magic Kingdom. It was chilly in the mornings and there was ample room beneath for the rain cover (that we needed twice), the soft sided cooler from the rental company, and coats for everyone.

The kids had PLENTY of space and our daughter insisted on keeping the canopy up most of the time on her side. (This was the source of much frustration for her Dad who thought she was "missing everything.") She was not squished AT ALL. Our son spent a good part of the trip on my shoulders, but that was mostly due to him needing some TLC due to his unexpected character anxiety. They each made themselves at home, tucking their own items besides them, snacks bags and drink cups. There are lots of strollers at WDW, from many different companies. You can see the tag there on the back that identified this as our stroller. We could have tied something on to make it more identifiable in a see of look a likes, but we never had a problem locating ours, even after it became part of Cast Member Stroller Roulette.


It was easy to operate, fold down, and maneuver. I may have clipped a few heels on my turns pushing, but that had NOTHING to do with the stroller and everything to do with me not paying attention.

We decided to catch the parade at Animal Kingdom and just rolled ourselves right up to the edge shortly before it began. I ran for Frozen Lemonades and the kids sat happily in the stroller, dare I say patiently waiting? Caroline never would have tolerated waiting the fifteen minutes for the parade to begin if she had been standing and sitting on the ground. The stroller served as the perfect parade seat for them and Steve and I were able to lean on the handle bar for some support.

The only thing annoying about our entire Disney experience was other people and how pushy they can be. We were clearly in this spot, the kids were obviously sitting right there and people kept positioning themselves so tight to them that our kids at times couldn't see as well. If we gave them an inch to get through, they somehow squirreled their way to the front and were practically on top of the kids. My husband SEETHED over this. There is not much you can do and luckily, the kids seemed completely unaffected. It's a really minor thing, but it kept happening. Moments like this more than made up for our temporary annoyance:

This is just one of the several parade performers who stopped and came over to the kids to wish them "Happy Birthday." It is almost as if they have a Birthday Button beacon and there will be an entire post about that, but wow, I cannot say enough about celebrating a birthday (or in our case TWO) at Walt Disney World. It was incredibly special.

At the very sad conclusion of our trip, we simply returned the stroller to Bell Services and went on our way. We were incredibly pleased with our Orlando Stroller Rentals experience, from start to finish. I'm not sure when we will be back at WDW, but I know we will book again and I expect it will be as simple and straightforward again.

*This post is in no way sponsored by Orlando Stroller Rentals, just a reflection of our excellent experience with there superior service.*

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2 Responses to “Orlando Stroller Rentals - Review ”

  1. Great review! We are leaving for Disney in a couple of weeks and I want to use this company for our stroller needs. I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old. Did you use a coupon code when you booked?

  2. Thanks Kristen! I am quite sure you will have an equally wonderful experience. I did not use a coupon code, but did locate a military discount of $5 when noting military in the notes at checkout. I unfortunately do not have a code to pass along, but we found it to be well worth the cost. You are going to have a great time, our kids are the same age and had so much fun! If there is ANYTHING else I can help with, please don't hesitate to be in touch. Make sure you also check out garden grocer for your snacks and drink delivery to the hotel. --- kerri, coconutsfordisney