Weather related woes - what? how?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

As we sit in Boston under twelve inches of snow, thinking about a warmer, sunny, less snowy spot, we launch into the ultimate countdown to our kids' surprise trip to Disney World nineteen days from today. That pesky twelve inches of snow got me thinking (and worrying) about what would happen if a storm like this happens while we are packing and heading to a closed airport.

We did not have the foresight to book any insurance, including insurance offered by Disney at a cost of about 75.00 a person (I cannot tell if I wrote a five or a nine in my notes!), which would include the children on our reservation at no additional charge. Though Disney offers Travel Insurance, I would recommend comparing their policy with others and making a decision based on what works best for your family. We were probably foolish to consider a WINTER trip from New England without travel insurance. A winter trip also runs the risk of sickness or other things I don't particularly want to even consider. We have a room only reservation and Disney Guest Services informed me that their travel insurance is NOT offered for room only reservations. So if you have a room only reservation and want to arrange for travel insurance, you will have to look elsewhere.

I spoke to Guest Services on the phone today to ask, "what would we do?" According to the CM I spoke to you, can cancel a trip five days or more prior to your trip at no charge including a return on your deposit, and 0-four days before forfeiting your deposit, equal to one night's stay PLUS tax.

Guest Services confirmed that we were not eligible to add trip insurance and then we discussed the alternatives we might have. He stated that Disney would work with us to do whatever they could to assist us in getting additional accommodations on either end of our trip, PENDING AVAILABILITY and at a current rack rate for the available accommodation. Of course, I would much prefer to be dealing with a storm on the FL side of the trip, but you never know what Mother Nature is going to toss at you.

I also researched some of the airlines inclement weather policies and learned that most offer ticketed passengers an opportunity to reschedule flights or cancel (for partial or full refund depending on airline) for flights into or out of certain destinations.

Here's to hoping we won't need ANY of this information!

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