snacks and drinks delivered to your door - How?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I don't think Garden Grocer is a secret by any means. I first found it in The Unofficial Guide to WDW when we were planning our first trip with the kids. I was still packing diapers back then and couldn't spare the space in our luggage for a week's worth of snacks.  Knowing that my kids were more likely to snack than eat a solid meal, I knew I was going to need a way to get Goldfish and juice boxes once we arrived at the happiest place on Earth... without a rental car.

With no means of traveling to a local store and no desire to pick up snacks at the resort gift shop, I gave Garden Grocer a try. It had been positively reviewed and like the stroller rental, I took the positive reviews, booked a delivery of various must haves, and crossed my fingers.

When we arrived at our resort (Caribbean Beach), our groceries were delivered almost immediately along with our stroller. My suspicious husband was sure we were going to get hosed on both of these services somehow. I am happy to report that we received every item we ordered down to the flavor of juice box and variation of Goldfish cracker. I was so pleased that I recommended the service to other families, with a word of caution that we had ordered far too much. You are probably going to be out and about most of the day. We stocked some snacks, waters, and juice into my bag in the morning and restocked it after our (laughable) afternoon rest time.  We still took snacks home with us.

When I started pulling together the grocery order for our next trip (in less two weeks !!), I was quite happy to notice two important things.

1. There is an order history associated with your account. You can look back at what you ordered in the past and quickly recreate that order or tweek it for your upcoming trip. I wish there was a way to take an order and "select all" to add to your cart, but from what I can tell there isn't. We thought it was very helpful to see how much we spent last time, reflect on what we didn't need,  and what we wished we had more of (WATER).

The order history from 2011:

 Pending Order for 2013:

2. Garden Grocer will deliver beer and wine! This was exciting news to us because after a long day touring with the kids, we have this nice vision in our heads of sitting out on our balcony, having a drink and a snack while the kids (hopefully) fall asleep. They may have offered this last time, but if they did, we didn't take advantage.) I had to scan and send them a copy of my 21+ driver's license as proof of age, but there is a mechanism in place to do this that is quite simple. You can access that option through "My Account." The site states the information will be deleted upon delivery.

Additionally, you can view the schedule of available delivery times for your arrival day (or any other day during your trip). I would suspect that when traveling during busier times you should consider booking your delivery some time in advance.


We are finalizing this order tonight. I'll be able to review our experience on the other end of the trip. I was quite happy with the ability to review previous orders and VERY excited about the addition of beer and wine. The ordering process is quite easy, searchable, and the variety impressive. We are expecting another positive experience with this vendor. Much like our stroller rental, I will plan to review our experience with Garden Grocer upon our return.

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