Calendar Olympics - When?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where do I even begin? I know how you feel, I've been there. You are investing time (valuable) and money (lots) and you want epic memories and there is just so much to do. Where do you even begin to tackle this monster? Take a deep breath and enter my favorite part of planning a trip to Disney; the itinerary.

You must begin at the beginning and that is determining THE WHEN.

There are many resources to help you with the decision of when to visit, what day to visit each park and even look ahead at the park calendars to plan for not to miss things like the evening electric parade or fireworks. Perhaps for example, you are planning a short trip and want to make sure Wishes is happening sometime during your trip.

Note: Crowds are supremely important to me. I need to have a very clear expectation for what we will be up against or better yet, how to avoid the busiest park any given day.

My go to resources for planning THE WHEN

Your First Visit

Touring Plans (there is a small subscription fee to utilize all this site has to offer, but I find it is well worth it)

Just as I have done for my initial trip planning, you will likely spend a couple weeks getting lost online debating travel dates and whether or not you can accomplish your trip goals for the dates you have chosen. You will compare airfare and maybe peek at your favorite ADRs availability if you happen to be planning a trip with under 180 days out.

The order of importance to me in selecting dates to travel:

1. Crowds
2. Weather (heat at this point is a deal breaker for us)
3. Crowds

Maybe you have different planning priorities, but those sites listed above and over there on the sidebar again should help you better determine when you should book your trip to The World. It might take you hours, days, weeks to even get that far and then, you have only just begun. That whole weekend, week, ten days, two weeks exists out there as a blank slate waiting to be filled. I love the planning and even if you don't, utilizing these resources or seeking the assistance of an Authorized Vacation Planner should make it smooth sailing for your daily itinerary.

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